What We Do

We are not an average web design and development company and the way we operate is not intended for the mass market. We believe that to make a good product you have to work closely with clients on a long-term basis to get to know the business and develop products that are specifically tailor made to how that business operates. If you are just looking to have someone build you a website then there are plenty of companies that will do that but as you many have already personally experienced this sort of developer relationship tends to end poorly and gives our mediocre results.

In our experience we find it is much better for everyone involved if we keep our client list small so that we can take the time to get the product right and the continue to work on the product as it evolves and becomes a critical part of our clients business. This means that you instantly become a highly valued client and we will take a personal interest in making you business succeed.

Why Work With Animite Media

We are not going to make empty promises by saying that we can get you to No.1 on Google or increase your sales by X amount becuase we don't know whats possible until we have spoken to you and found out what it is that you want to do. That is why we start off the relationship with a free no-obligation meeting where we will chat about your business, what its strengths are and what can be improved. From there we can bounce ideas around and if you like the sound of us then we will go from there, if not then at worst you will have a 2nd opinion on some solutions that you can take to another company.

Contact Animite Media

Lets get the ball rolling, drop us an email and we will get back to you to arrange a meeting.

We don't like spam either so don't worry, your details will never me passed to any third party.